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:bulletyellow:Sketch: 15 US$
:bulletyellow:Lineart: 25 US$
:bulletyellow:Color Option 1: 35 US$
:bulletyellow:Color Option 2: 45 US$
Please add paypal fee to each price (4%)
Chibi Samples CLICK HERE

CHARACTER (Bust-Portrait)

:bulletyellow:Sketch: 15 US$
:bulletyellow:Lineart: 25 US$
:bulletyellow:Color Option 1: 35 US$
:bulletyellow:Color Option 2: 45 US$
Please add paypal fee to each price (4%)
NOTE: This will include middle-chest up portrait of a character

CHARACTER (American Shot)

:bulletyellow:Sketch: 20 US$
:bulletyellow:Lineart: 30 US$
:bulletyellow:Color Option 1: 45 US$
:bulletyellow:Color Option 2: 60 US$
Please add paypal fee to each price (4%)
NOTE: American Shot it's a term used in both comics and films refers to a knee up or 3/4 shot of a character.


:bulletyellow:Sketch: 25 US$
:bulletyellow:Lineart: 40 US$
:bulletyellow:Color Option 1: 60 US$
:bulletyellow:Color Option 2: 80 US$
Please add paypal fee to each price (4%)

Color Options SAMPLES

:bulletpink:OPTION 1
Mai Shiranui for Karioks by CamiFortunaElegant Sailor Lolita by CamiFortunaSailor Zirconium Unicorn Commission by CamiFortunaSailor Cygnus Miu Yukiko Commission by CamiFortunaJose de Vos Commission by CamiFortunaChibi Commission for Inertia-Universu by CamiFortunaOHKO Lune by CamiFortunaTyra Commission by CamiFortunaDesdemona Commission by CamiFortunaJacqueline Commission by CamiFortuna
:bulletpink:OPTION 2
Tifa Lockhart by CamiFortunaSally Commission by CamiFortuna1920's April O'Neil by CamiFortunaBig Barda by CamiFortuna Misfit by CamiFortunaBrutal Legend's Edith Riggs by CamiFortunaDemon girl Commission by CamiFortunaLuna Commission by CamiFortunaCleo by CamiFortuna
:bulletpink:OPTION 3
There is also a "Color Option 3" Which is line-less and heavily shaded like in Option 2, note me so I can price you correctly.
Scary Godmother by CamiFortunaQUANTUM CONSULTANT by CamiFortunaME: Young Zoe Shepard by CamiFortunaDr. Drakken by CamiFortunaAdventure Love Time by CamiFortunaJess Rabs by CamiFortunaSagiel to Anjiro by CamiFortunaMe-Mow, So adorable by CamiFortuna

Tattoo Commissions

:bulletpink:Pricing: the base price is the same than a regular commission price (the above) but since it usually involves a designing element it costs extra for the design. if you need a non tattoo commission and a design the pricing would be the same to this. I don't charge extra just because it's a tattoo but because it's a design.

:bulletpink: Some basic rules: I only ask that if you post a pic of the tattoo that you please credit me, either tumblr or deviantart is fine. If the tattoo artists posts a picture of the tattoo I ask for the same. I know some don't like to do that because they think they did all the work but you do all the work if you do the design as well and I never take credit for any tattoo work, I don't do tattoos nor claim I do. that is basically it =)

:bulletpink: I wanna have a tattoo of work you already made: I've been asked this often, I've no problem and I would be so flattered!!! The rules above apply. I do rather you to notify me, just so I know! Else, go loco =)

:bulletpink: If you go trough with the tattoo: Please send me photos!!!!


 :bulletpink:Commissioned for:Kittie

Original Work / Tattoo (Progress):

Cyclops Tattoo Commission by CamiFortuna

Info: I've done other commissions for tattoos or people have used my work for it but I neither never received a photo of the final product so I don't know if it went trough or the tattoo doesn't look like my work at all so for now we've this one =). If you know of any please let me know!.

NSFW Commissions

I also take NSFW Commissions

Pricing: They cost a bit more than the prices listed there, it’ll depend of the level of NSFW-iness.

What I can do: Any body type, sexuality, gender, race is good! Bondage. Fanart porn if the character is of age (18+). Almost anything that is not on the don’ts, just ask. =)

What I won’t do: Vore. Violence. Inflation. Pregnancy. Pony porn. Extreme gore. Extreme amputation. Loli. Shota.

If in doubt just email me HERE

"Trade" Commissions

I've been doing trade commissions which are plain trades for a commission work. I trade any type of art equivalent in price for things like Monster High dolls and almost any kind of dolls because I like them.

I've found this to be even better than buying because you trade work for something money worth, and sometimes people customize the doll and trade that as well. This has been offered to me in the past and I thought it would be a good idea to add it here as well so maybe someone might be interested, maybe have a duplicated doll or something similar. I can trade any kind of commission for a doll.
You can email me and we can discuss the details and you can also email me to ask for other kind of dolls. I don't straight up ask for bjds because they're costly but if you want several work maybe you can put it in your budget to pay partially or fully. I've done this before but just try me!

Payment Method

:bulletpink: Paypal
Payment must be upfront. Paypal Fee must be payed by you,and even though I stated this a long time ago In case of not sending payment as personal payment, please pay the paypal fee, which is 4% of the amount you to be sent.


Read before commissioning me!

:bulletpink: Send me an EMAIL HERE if you are interested or have any inquiry, PLEASE ONLY EMAILS. If you want something that's not listed, Please ask.
:bulletpink: IMPORTANT Please write me from an email address that you check often so I can send you the previews and ultimately the final image.
:bulletpink: I don't add backgrounds by default by sometimes I add simple backgrounds FREE depending on the image and my criteria. More detailed and specific backgrounds cost extra. Elements are considered part of background as well partial characters (like on reflections) or simple pet characters and those are extra as well.
:bulletpink: The price can change depending on the amount of details and changes.
:bulletpink: Times to get a commission done can vary since I work in other stuff, usually varies from 3 weeks up until 2 months. If you need the work done for a certain date please let me know. When the due date is short in time that adds extra on the price.
:bulletpink: If a commission takes too long I'll make sure you'll be rewarded. I might upgrade the coloring style and give it a background, it doesn't mean I'll do it just because, but if by some reason I'm the cause of delay I do add a bit extra on the work.
:bulletpink: I do charge extra for the design of characters and in that price for foreseeable changes. Base price being the one above plus a design charge.
:bulletpink: Once you approved the sketch and I finish the inks, since I ink the exact same I sketched (unless I notify or ask otherwise), any changes after a lineart are extra charge, so please check the sketch carefully and ask me for changes, if needed, while in the sketch stage.
:bulletpink: If you commission me a work with your own character, it doesn't mean you've the royalty over the work I did it to sell it in any form, I do give that option and that costs an extra fee depending how much and what you're selling. I don't sell the intellectual property of any my works, which would mean I can no longer claim it as mine, so even when selling items with my work I do ask to be credited.
:bulletpink: Personal prints are fine, I truly have no problem at all.
:bulletpink: Any modifications you make on a finished commission piece you paid for should be credited. I don't mind if you're re-inking it or coloring it for personal fun, but don't remove the signature and always credit, please.
:bulletpink: If you are interested in a type of commission that is not listed, please ask
:bulletpink: All commissions are work, which means it's remunerated, which means I don't do request commissions.
:bulletpink: Sketchs can be made Digital or Traditional (pencil), I pick that according what I'm drawing.
:bulletpink: I also make sketch commissions. You can ask for other type of commissions to adjust to what you can pay or another work you want done.
:bulletpink: I work in high-resolutions, about 6000x8000 px in 300dpi RGB. However I dont turn that big of originals unless it's for a print paid job. I also can give a PSD file but it would be merged layers. Final size of commission would be around 60% of that including background space which is a high resolution image as well.

That's it!
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Penanggalan Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2015
I am hoping to be able to pay a $80 commission to you soon, if you will be open within the next 1-2 weeks? :)
CamiFortuna Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015   General Artist
Please email me directly when you're ready ^^
SkullVice Featured By Owner May 13, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I would commission you again, but I'm revamping three of my character's sheets. ;w; Oh, but I wanted to ask you, can I have just the lineart of the Miu commission I purchased from you? I want to color it. ;w; <3 Of course, I'll credit you when I upload it.
CamiFortuna Featured By Owner May 14, 2014   General Artist
Yes of course! For all of this YES. Just email me I'll send you a high res of the lineart =) Please show me later! =)
SkullVice Featured By Owner May 14, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
You're such a sweetie :love:. Ok! I'll send you an email right away!
Applewhite1 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sounds awesome! Shot you an email :)
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