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John Commission by CamiFortuna John Commission by CamiFortuna
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Commission for Gabrielle Houle (Mariealbertine) of her character John from her webcomic H&J

I loved drawing this for Gabrielle! I met her work trough the awesome Lily Hoyda (Buttart) and I follow her ever since. Her style is very clever and cool and I do recommend you to check her work and webcomic out. Really good artist and all she’s been to me is a real sweet person. I really enjoyed working on this, I added a Jem-esque bg, kinda had my mind set with the idea from the beginning when Gabrielle asked for Tom Selleck’s Magnum PI styled clothing so I added more 80’s to it haha =P

H&J The Webcomic site (read the comic trough this link)

H&J The Webcomic Tumblr

Gabrielle’s main tumblr is Mariealbertine

Commissions are still open for the slots of January (no notes, email me)

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D3M0NHUNT3R117 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2014
lol, i like this guy
winterweather Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
i don't know why bur, when i saw this the bicycle song by  Freddy mercury was playing in my head XD
nienkiepinkie Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
hahaha this reminds me of Freddy Mercury (and then more specific from: I want to break free) not sure why ^^
]i actually learned so much anatomy from your drawings!! it's glorious
CamiFortuna Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014   General Artist
Freddy used A LOT of short shorts and it was the 80's so it hs a relation, as well as the hairy muscled legs. I can see why you thought of him =)
Thank you!! I actually learn a lot everytime I draw a character type I don't generally draw, it's great practice =)
nienkiepinkie Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
hahaha so that's why! C:
please keep doing what you do, you inspire me a lot on a daily basis!! thank you for that :D
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