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February 24, 2012
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Harley The one and ONLY by CamiFortuna Harley The one and ONLY by CamiFortuna
Text extracted from My Tumblr
MY Post On Tumblr

"Harley: The one and only.

1-butt boob pose
3-same face syndrome

I started this, let’s say rendition to the one and only good Bruce Timm Harley Quinn’s design that would ever exist (legal one at least since I’ve seen many great fanart redesigns) about a year ago or so right after playing Arkham Asylum game. Not very fond with the Harley nurse design so I drew just her hanging, then new designs came out from Arkham City and man, YUCK! And then the worst of them all (again, in my opinion) from the new goofy DC Reboot, so that’s how we get all of them hanging there. In retrospective, I kinda like the nurse one now, but still it’s kinda purposeless all the meat out there. THERE’S NO NEED, to sexualize every female character when they’re just great as is (note what they did to Starfire, and I’m not fond either with the new P-Ivy chick either) so this is some sort of rant in fanart form.

Boots from Harley from the comic are done loosely by my guessing a full body designs since when I made the linearts and all we’d that one creepy ugly pic from Harley comic you might all know.

Bruce Timm, no one will beat you, you’re still the man!"

Again, MY OPINION. you are entitled to yours, but be respective, I want no drama or argue about this

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(I'm kinda absent form here)

A always, excuse my english. I try my best.

All Harleys © DC Comics
Artwork by Camila Fortuna
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Classic Harley will always be my favourite, I am okay with the design for Arkham Asylum and Revenge of Harley Quinn DLC for AC outfit. True the New DC doesn't work for me, and default outfit for Injustice is in bad taste :(
What's wrong with the nurse costume? It was supposed to fit the circumstances. She was in the asylum, basically part of the new staff. It only made sense for her to wear it. Costumes are part of the fun. Hell, in her first appearance, Harley dressed as a police officer. The biker outfit was pointless, this is true. And I do like the skin bleaching and black and red hair of the new design. Just wish she'd wear her old outfit...
CamiFortuna Feb 16, 2014   General Artist
Being a nurse costume was not the issue but just slutting her up with it is. She did fine with a full body suit I don't really see the need to ruin the character. The nurse outfit is in fact not a nurse outfit but a sexy cosplay version of a nurse outfit, nurses don't really dress that way and Harley while being a doctor in psychiatry didn't use a sexy dr outfit, just a regular one. It could have been solved better but DC, and I know this first hand since I'd to do some job for them, push the sexy onto everything, and sometimes in a character like Harley, who was already good to go, it just ruins her
She once dressed up in nothing but pie cream. I think they dialed it down a bit for her.
CamiFortuna Feb 18, 2014   General Artist
Yeah, but I just explained my point
Yes get rid of all those bad impostures !
( unless they are ready to repent and put on the classic costume) :) 
FlameWhirlwind176 Nov 18, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
atleast the arkham city one was actually TRYING XD

the other two do suck seriously?? why ruin harley by putting her in a nurse outfit, AAAAAAND ruining her comic origin's and turn he rinto a super villian...
brokenglass16 Nov 13, 2013  Student Writer
Fucking awesome.
xx-darkdragon-xx Oct 24, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I Love them all!!!!
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